Current Discussion:

Inclusivity, free speech, and identity politics

Previous Discussions:

Election 2015 Discussion 3: Who should Canadians vote for?

Election 2015 Discussion 2: What policies would you like to see?

Budget and Election 2015 (Canada)

What changes can we make to our social, political and legal institutions to improve gender equity in Canada?

Should Canada adopt a carbon tax? If so, how should it be levied and what should we do with the revenue?


Some of the questions currently under consideration* are listed (in no particular order) below**. Please let us know if you think any of these should/shouldn’t be future Discussions. Please also let us know if you have an Article or Personal Essay you would be interested in writing related to one or more of these topics (topics with more potential contributors are more likely to be chosen).

1. How can we fight climate change, reduce income inequality, and facilitate large public investments in education, infrastructure, and R&D, without hurting the competitiveness of our businesses?

2. How can we make livelihoods robust to rapidly changing labour markets as we improve technology?

3. What policies (if any) should be put in place to improve the health of diet, exercise, and/or sleep habits in Canada, the United States, and other developed countries?

4. How can we keep our societies safe from crime and terror without losing our civil liberties? How do we balance victims’ rights with presumption of innocence in criminal law?

5. What should Canada’s (or the United States’) energy strategy be?

6. What role (if any) should the international community play in Middle East conflicts?

7. How can developed countries adapt their economies to rapidly aging populations?

8. What is the optimal level of inequality in society?

9. What changes (if any) should be made to our tax policies?

10. How important are character and platform, relative to one another, in a politician?

*Note: Questions under consideration may not be listed here if they cannot be adequately contextualized without a preamble.

**Our focus will initially be somewhat slanted towards issues of either global importance or regional importance in Canada or the United States, but we welcome suggestions for questions of importance to other regions.

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