Matt’s Links: Three things to teach your kids, IMF changes tune, Iran nuclear deal

Safe to say it’s been an unusually interesting week in the news. Going to keep this post short, because the links mostly speak for themselves.

Three things you must teach your kids if you care about the environment (Rebecca Boyles – Ensia): First off, if you’ve never heard of Ensia, you should check it out. It’s one of the best popular forums for environmental news and analysis that I know of. As for the article, I think it’s leading quote sums it up nicely:

“‘Reduce, reuse, recycle’ is a good start. But what the next generation really needs to know is how to overcome political polarization, science phobia and lazy thinking.”

But I would change the word ‘environment’ in the title to ‘the future’ or ‘society’ (from reading the article, I’m guessing Boyles would too).

Are GMOs safe? Yes. The case against them is full of fraud, lies, and errors. (William Saletan – Slate): This is an amazingly well-researched piece and a cautionary tale for anyone who values both social justice and evidence-based policy and advocacy.

I.M.F. demands Greece debt relief as condition for bailout (Jack Ewing – New York Times): As I and many others have argued before, the Greek crisis only ends happily (or, at this point, less devastatingly) with a serious debt write-off. The I.M.F. has finally come around. It’s going to be very interesting to see what this means for Germany’s position (they so far have been adamantly opposed to write-offs, at least without a Grexit), and for the Greek parliament’s vote on the latest agreement (which involves no write-off and more austerity).

Deal reached on Iran nuclear program; limits on fuel would lessen with time (Michael R. Gordon & David E. Sanger – New York Times): I’m sure almost everyone has heard about this by now, but I wanted to flag it in case anyone has an opinion on it they’d like to share with us! (Good deal? What does this mean for Obama’s foreign policy legacy? Is Israel right to be concerned?)

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